history of papyrus

The History Of Papyrus

This article is about the History of Papyrus. Papyrus is one of the original components used as a surface for paper. It takes its name from its beginning; the plant…

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magnification scale

A Paper Size Scale & Magnification Factors

This article is about A Paper Size Scale & Magnification Factors. The ISO 216 paper sizes have a few excellent characteristics when it meets expectations, increasing in size and lowering…

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history of paper

The History Of Paper | Different Types Of Paper

This article is about the History of Paper. Many public believe that paper has advanced over the age from material for writing, accompanying two together vellum and material for writing…

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whiteness brightness

Paper Shade, Whiteness & Brightness

This article is about Paper Shade, Whiteness & Brightness . Professional printers and designers learn the ideas of paper paleness and shine; nevertheless, for many, these conditions are manufacturing clique…

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canadian paper sizes

Canadian Paper Sizes

This article is about Canadian paper sizes. Canada picked the ISO paper sizes in 1972. However, as US paper sizes are common across North America, the Standards Council of Canada…

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