Old English Paper Sizes: Uncut Printing, Drawing Paper & Book

When there was no International Committee formation and there were no standardized size formats, people were had no idea of sizes. At that point in time, ISO 2016 had no existence around the globe. Several countries of British origin like England, the British Isles and the Commonwealth countries of British origin used a variety of paper sizes without any standard. These paper sizes had many strange names like Demy, Double Pott, and the Columbier. Since these paper sizes were being used a long time back. Therefore, many of the sizes have almost been forgotten. However, you can obtain them in today’s date with the assistance of some specialist manufacturers. Here, we are providing a table that will list the sizes ending in inches and mm along with their aspect ratios.

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Uncut Book & Drawing Paper Sizes

Now, the table gives the sizes in inches and mm of old English uncut book and drawing paper sizes. You can check both the sizes together along with their aspect ratio.

SizeWidth x Height (in)Width x Height (mm)Aspect Ratio
Foolscap14.0 x 18.75 in355.6 x 476.3 mm1:1.3393
Demy15.5 x 20 in393.7 x 508.0 mm1:1.2903
Medium17.5 x 22.5 in444.5 x 571.5 mm1:1.2857
Royal19.0 x 24.0 in482.6 x 609.6 mm1:1.2632
Imperial22.0 x 30.25 in558.8 x 768.4 mm1:1.375
Elephant23.0 x 28.0 in584.2 x 711.2 mm1:1.2174
Double Elephant26.5 x 40.0 in673.1 x 1016.0 mm1:1.5094
Atlas26.25 x 34.0 in666.75 x 863.6 mm1:1.2952
Columbier23.5 x 24.5 in596.9 x 622.3 mm1:1.0426
Antiquarian31.0 x 53.0 in787.4 x 1346.2 mm1:1.7097

 Proper & Actual Uncut Printing Paper Sizes

Here are the following sizes in inches and mm of old English uncut printing paper sizes. You can check the respective sizes along with their aspect ratio.

SizeWidth x Height (in)Width x Height (mm)Aspect Ratio
Crown16.25 x 21.0 in412.8 x 533.4 mm1:1.2923
Double Crown20.0 x 30.0 in508.0 x 762.0 mm1:1.5
Quad30.0 x 40.0 in762.0 x 1016.0 mm1:1.3333
Demy17.75 x 22.5 in450.9 x 571.5 mm1:1.2676
Double Demy22.5 x 35.5 in571.5 x 901.7 mm1:1.5778
Medium18.25 x 23.0 in463.6 x 584.2 mm1:1.2603
Royal20.0 x 25.0 in508.0 x 635.0 mm1:1.25
Super Royal21.0 x 27.0 in533.4 x 685.8 mm1:1.2857
Double Pott15.0 x 25.0 in381.0 x 635.0 mm1:1.2459
Double Post19.0 x 30.5 in482.6 x 774.7 mm1:1.6667
Foolscap13.5 x 17.0 in342.9 x 431.8 mm1:1.5882
Double Foolscap17.0 x 27.0 in431.8 x 685.8 mm1:1.5882

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