Have you ever heard about Paper Quantities such as Ream, Quire? We all use Paper for a wide range of purposes. Letters, Documents, Envelopes, Cards, Invitations, Posters, and so on. This wide range of usage has led to the Standardization of Paper into different sizes and types, into different categories, depending on uses, the dimensions and also the weight. Paper is generally sold out to the services in reams or quires and commercially in bundles, bales, and pallets. Paper quantities have faced numerous changes. In new periods the heap has improved, patterned at 500 sheets. And the bundle of related documents at 25 sheets. 

But, Paper cannot be directly made into these Standard Sizes. First, the paper is made as large sheets of unfathomable dimensions and sizes in Paper Mills from wood pulp and other substances. Later, these big sheets are cut into smaller dimensions according to need or according to the Standards. These sized papers further undergo process and size checks to ensure the following things:

  • The paper is a rectangle. That is, all corners are precisely 90 degrees.
  • The paper is of the dimensions as defined by the Standards and the error is within the Tolerance limits mentioned.
  • The thickness of the paper is well enough to make it durable.
  • The cuts are well made to not leave excess papers, or remnant edges onto the sized paper.

This is legendary as the total load and is ordinarily provided in pounds (lbs). The essential heaviness is the thickness of a 500-page heap of complete paper (except Reams & Quires – Paper Quantities explained for more confidential information on the heap).

Overview of Ream, Quire, Bundle, Bale & Pallet

After all these checks papers come to the market for selling. But have you ever seen paper being sold singly? No. Never. This is because it is not commercially viable to sell one sheet of paper for a price. It is always sold in stacks, and the amount varies depending on the size, the number of sheets in the stack and the gsm (grams per square meter) of the paper and sometimes also the material used in making the paper and its quality.

These together decide the cost of manufacturing paper and further the selling price to make it economically viable. And mostly, the number of Papers is not measured in the number of sheets. Like, you cannot just go out and buy 579 sheets of ARE Paper if you need that many for your work.


Like there are Standardized Sizes of Paper, there are Standardized Quantities for defining the number of papers as well. So, when buying paper, it is essential to know the number of sheets available in each of these Standard Quantities for Number of Papers or Paper Quantities. The most used quantities are reams, quires, bundles, bales, and pallets. We are going to talk about these today.

Paper Quantities – Ream, Quire, Bundle, Bale, Pallet and Other Quantities

Modern (Metric) Paper Quantities

Metric Quantities means the quantities that have been standardized for international usage, and they mean the same when you go to any part of the world. Although the quantities mentioned above earlier varied in use from country to country – which we will talk about later – recently, for modern usage and ease, the Paper Quantities – quires, reams, bundles, and bales – have been standardized. The number of sheets in each of these quantities are as stated below:


If you desire to convert between two different quantities amongst quires, reams, bundles, and bales, then the conversion can be done as follows:


  1. 1 Bale = 200     Quires
  2. 1 Bale = 10        Reams
  3. 1 Bale = 5          Bundles
  4. 1 Bundle = 40        Quires
  5. 1 Bundle = 2          Reams
  6. 1 Bundle = 0.2      Bales
  7. 1 Ream = 20        Quires
  8. 1 Ream = 0.5      Bundles
  9. 1 Ream = 0.1      Bales
  10. 1 Quire = 0.05    Reams
  11. 1 Quire = 0.025  Bundles
  12. 1 Quire = 0.005  Bales

Pallets of Paper

80gsm office paper

Although Pallet is used in many countries, as this quantity is very new and recent, it has not been standardized yet. Hence, pallet varies from country to country as follows:

  1. US – 40 cases of 10 reams per case. That is a total of 200,000 sheets.
  2. UK – 20 boxes of 5 reams per case, a total of 50,000 sheets OR 50 boxes of 5 reams per case, a total of 125,000 sheets depending upon the seller.

Other Paper Quantities

Papers are also sold in the following stacks:


  1. 100 Sheets (4 Quires) Package for Specialist Papers.
  2. 250 Sheets (10 Quires) Package for heavier weight (160 gsm+) Card Papers.

Imperial (Old) Reams and Quires

Before the standardization of Paper Quantities in the Metric Quantities, 1 Quire was used to refer to a stack of 24 Sheets and 1 Ream for a stack of 20 Quires (480 Sheets). This quantification of 1 Quire was also used in the US, and it was referred to as the short quire. This was likely because 1 Dozen is defined as a group of 12 things and this was one of the standards used in those countries earlier. A list of paper quantities used in the Old times are as follows:


Even though the number of sheets of paper in each of these paper quantities were different, the relative number of either of these paper quantities in another of them have remained the same and hence, the conversions between any two of these paper quantities can be done using the information that we have stated earlier under the Metric Paper Quantities heading.

The Printer’s Ream

The Printer’s Ream was more significant than an ordinary ream. People use it to avoid an obstacle in the printing process of a ream of paper due to wastage. Also, the old ream was of 480 Sheets of Paper, but a Printer’s Ream is of 516 Sheets of Paper. The extra 36 Sheets were for the replacement of the wasted or blotted sheets. But, after the standardization of the ream to 500 Sheets of Paper, Printer’s Ream was removed from usage.


Weight of Sheets & Reams Calculator


You can find more information about paper weights here.


What is the quantity of a ream?

What is the quantity of a ream?

500 sheets. A standard portion of the paper contains 20 queries or 500 sheets(before 480 sheets) or 516 sheets(printer's heap or perfect heap).

How many reams of paper are on a pallet?

Most pallets of paper in the U.S. include 40 cases, each of that is today, permeated following 10 reams. That resources a pallet containing 400 reams or 200.000 sheets of paper.

What is a quire of paper?

A build-up of 24 or 25 sheets of paper of the same crest and characteristic: individual twentieth of a heap.

How do you calculate paper ream?

To decide the heap pressure of some likely diameter coating, multiply the square inches in the likely size for one likely essential weight, and separate the result apiece square one-twelfth of a foot/2.54 centimeters measured field of the elementary capacity.


Now you know everything there is to know about paper quantities. So, the next time someone asks about them, you’ll be ready to let them know!

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