US Envelope Sizes: Commercial, Announcement & Catalog Sizes

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North American & US Envelope Sizes, Dimensions 

The standardization of envelope sizes of the United States is much better than the ISO 216 standard. Though it has a particular standard for each kind of envelope, US Envelope Size excels in various ways. The three main types of envelope sizes are as follows:

Commercial Envelope Sizes

As the name suggests, the Commercial Envelope Sizes widely used in commercial sectors such as business or offices. These types of envelopes are ideal for automatic filling and franking. The size and shape of the commercial envelope are considered to be long and thin, and the aspect ratio of the shorter side to the longer side lies between 1:1.6 and 1:2.2. So, here is a table with different types of sizes available for commercial envelopes and the most popular commercial envelope known so far is the Tairy Greene. This is due to its ability to hold letter size paper folder into three or legal size paper folder into four.

SizeWidth x Height (in)Width x Height (mm)
6.0 x 3.5152.4 x 88.9
6.5 x 3.625165.1 x 92.1
76.75 x 3.75171.5 x 95.3
7¾ - Monarch7.5 x 3.875190.5 x 98.4
8 5/88.625 x 3.625219.1 x 92.1
98.875 x 3.875225.4 x 98.4
109.5 x 4.125241.3 x 104.8
1110.375 x 4.5263.5 x 114.3
1211.0 x 4.75279.4 x 120.7
1411.5 x 5.0292.1 x 127.0
1612.0 x 6.0304.8 x 152.4

Announcement Envelope Sizes

As the name suggests, announcement envelopes find their use in personal life scenarios such as photographs, invitation letters, greeting cards and many more. These envelopes are also the A style envelopes. The aspect ratio of the shorter side of the envelope to the longer side ranges from 1:1.3 to 1:1.6 which makes it closer to square as compared to long and thin commercial envelope. The most famous announcement envelope sizes known so far are Lady Grey and Diplomat.

SizeWidth x Height (in)Width x Height (mm)
A13.625 x 5.12592.1 x 130.2
A2 - Lady Grey5.75 x 4.375146.1 x 111.1
A4 6.25 x 4.25158.7 x 108.0
A6 - Thompson's Standard6.5 x 4.75165.1 x 120.7
A7 - Besselheim7.25 x 5.25184.2 x 133.4
A8 - Carr's8.125 x 5.5206.4 x 139.7
A9 - Diplomat8.75 x 5.75222.3 x 146.1
A10 - Willow9.5 x 6.0241.3 x 152.4
A Long8.875 x 3.875225.4 x 98.4

Catalog Envelope Sizes

Apart from the other two sizes, people consider catalogue envelopes to be the durable ones. Also, Catalog Envelops are the ones specially designed for heavier contents such as brochures, catalogues etc. These envelopes are very similar to announcement envelopes, and they have an aspect ratio that ranges between 1:1.3 and 1:1.5

SizeWidth x Height (in)Width x Height (mm)
19.0 x 6.0228.6 x 152.4
9.5 x 6.5241.3 x 165.1
310.0 x 7.0254.0 x 177.8
610.5 x 7.51266.7 x 190.5
811.25 x 8.25285.8 x 209.6
11.25 x 8.75285.8 x 222.3
10½12.0 x 9.0304.8 x 228.6
12½12.5 x 9.5317.5 x 241.3
13½13.0 x 10.0330.2 x 254.0
14½14.5 x 11.5368.3 x 292.1
1515.0 x 10.0381.0 x 254.0
15½15.5 x 12.0393.7 x 304.8

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