Dimensions Of A Series Paper Sizes

Paper Size

Magnification Factors of Photocopying & Paper Scale

A Paper Size Scale & Magnification Factors

Here, we are providing two types of size selector boxes wherein a user can select a standard A series size according to his need. As soon as the size is selected from the user end, the corresponding magnification factor appears simultaneously in the factor boxes provided by us. The representation of the magnification factor will be in terms of percentage and decimal.

When it comes to the enlargement and reduction of documents, then ISO 216 paper sizes show some very great properties. It is because they provide the same aspect ratio even if an A4 page is enlarged to A3 size. There is no loss of data as the margins around the page do not very much at the top and at the sides.

Magnification Scale Factors Background

If we apply our mathematical concepts, then the scaling factor between the A4 and the A3 sheet sizes is the square root of two that can be expressed in terms of percentage and if we consider the scaling factor, then it is square of root two, that is, 2. Here, we are providing a table which lists the general formulae for conversions between different types of sizes that are of the same series and also for the conversion between the A series and B series.

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