Billboard Sizes/Dimensions – Including Multisheet Billboards

Are you looking for all the different Billboard Paper Sizes? This article contains all the standard Billboard Sizes Tables for US, UK, Germany, and much more.

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Billboard Paper Sizes

The billboard sizes are of the very ancient type and they are being used since the early 19th century. The billboard sizes follow the invention of lithographic printing that followed a cheap method of printing large sheets. The ancient billboards were to be found on sides of buildings and in present scenarios they have spread to roadside use. Billboards come in a variety of sizes. Some of the sizes are listed as follows:

UK Billboard Sizes

If we take into account the current scenario of the United States, then the billboards are found on buses, metro stations, on various buildings and also by roadsides. But nowadays due to the legislation that is required for billboards the articulated trailers have come into the picture. The UK billboards are measured in feet and inches.

SizeWidth x Height (m)Width x Height (in)
4 Sheet1.02 x 1.52 m40 x 60 in
6 Sheet1.20 x 1.80 m47.24 x 70.87 in
12 Sheet3.05 x 1.52 m120 x 60 in
16 Sheet2.03 x 3.05 m80 x 120 in
32 Sheet4.06 x 3.05 m160 x 120 in
48 Sheet6.10 x 3.05 m240 x 120 in
64 Sheet8.13 x 3.05 m320 x 120 in
96 Sheet12.19 x 3.05 m480 x 120 in

IMPORTANTThere is some smaller billboards use clip in place of posters. This helps them to decrease the display size smaller than the sheet size. For instance, the 6 sheet metric bus shelter billboards (1.20 x 1.80 m) can be a safe display area of 1.14 x 1.71 m.

In fact, most of the UK people use feet and inches to measure billboard sizes, despite the official use of metric units in the UK. Also, the original 20 x 30-inch single sheet size is originally the British Imperial Double Crown Paper Size.

US Billboard Sizes

In the United States, the billboards are found on the retail shops, on several buildings in cities, by roadsides and other open areas. Mostly the US billboards are measured in feet and inches, and some of them are also measured in sheets. The standard sheet size in the US is 27*40 inches.

SizeWidth x Height (m)Width x Height (in)
8 Sheet3.35 x 1.52 m132 x 60 in
30 Sheet6.91 x 3.17 m272 x 125 in
12 x 6 ft3.66 x 1.83 m144 x 72 in
12 x 8 ft3.66 x 2.44 m144 x 96 in
22 x 10 ft3.66 x 1.83 m264 x 120 in
24 x 10 ft3.66 x 2.44 m288 x 120 in
25 x 12 ft7.62 x 3.66 m300 x 144 in
36 x 10.5 ft10.97 x 3.20 m432 x 126 in
40 x 12 ft12.19 x 3.66 m480 x 144 in
48 x 14 ft14.63 x 4.27 m576 x 168 in
50 x 20 ft15.24 x 6.10 m600 x 240 in
60 x 16 ft18.29 x 4.88 m720 x 192 in

French Billboard Sizes

The measurement pattern of billboards at France is a bit complex, and they are often measured in meters squared with grand formats for Urban areas, that are squared by 12 and 8 meters.

SizeWidth x Height (m)Width x Height (in)
Abribus 2m21.756 x 1.191 m69.1 x 46.9 in
12m24.00 x 3.00 m157.5 x 118.1 in

German Billboard (Plakatwand) Sizes

The two most standardized billboard sizes that are known so far in Germany are Superpostern and the City Star Boards. These billboards follow the root 2 aspect ratios followed by the A series paper. The Superpostern billboards have their size a little large than the 4A0 and the Superpostern billboards have their size little large than 8A0.

SizeWidth x Height (m)Width x Height (in)
City Star3.56 x 2.52 m140.2 x 99.2 in
Superpostern5.26 x 3.72 m207.1 x 146.5 in

Austrian Billboard (Plakatwand) Sizes

The two most popular billboard sizes that are known so far in Austria are Centerboard and the Megaboard. The two standard French sizes Superpostern and City Star can also be used.

SizeWidth x Height (m)Width x Height (in)
Brandboard1.50 x 2.00 m59.1 x 78.7 in
Dachfläche10.00 x 2.00 m393.7 x 78.7 in
Megaboard8.00 x 5.00 m315.0 x 196.9 in
Centerboard10.00 x 4.78 m393.7 x 188.2 in

Netherlands Billboard Sizes

The mostly followed billboard size format used in the Netherlands is 3.30*2.40

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