popular paper sizes for portraits

Popular Paper Sizes For Portraits

When it comes to gifts, there is no better gift than a portrait, but even that can become when one needs to know what the popular paper sizes for portraits are….

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how to change paper size in word

How To Change Paper Size In Word?

With the new age of technology, typing letters has become child’s play, but while typing the letter, one thing that a person keeps on wondering about is How to change paper…

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stock types

Paper Stock Types

Paper production and publication manufacturing use paper stock types for various grades. The stock types primarily relate to the different purposes the paper serves in its end use. The most…

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history of papyrus

The History Of Papyrus

This article is about the History of Papyrus. Papyrus is one of the original components used as a surface for paper. It takes its name from its beginning; the plant…

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magnification scale

A Paper Size Scale & Magnification Factors

This article is about A Paper Size Scale & Magnification Factors. The ISO 216 paper sizes have a few excellent characteristics when it meets expectations, increasing in size and lowering…

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