The ranges of the A order paper sizes, as outlined for one ISO 216 standard, are likely in the table beneath the exemplification in two together millimeters and height( cm measures may be achieved by separating mm value by 10). This blog contains A paper sizes in all units.

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The A succession paper sizes are similarly in use throughout the world as from the US, Canada, and the hallway of Mexico. The A4 content has happened the standard size of a letter in English-talking nations identical to Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, which heretofore secondhand British Imperial sizes. Europe used  A paper sizes as the stiff standard in the median 20th century, and from skilled, they spread across the sphere.  

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Given below is a table that provides a number of availability of options to the customers as they scroll it down. Customers just have to select the respective size of the paper that they want by scrolling the drop box. Also, the user can select the default dimension unit that they require. Once you choose the following two points, the table automatically displays the corresponding A series paper sizes.

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A Paper Size Areas – Quick Lookup

The area of an A0 series size of paper is one square meter. The mathematical formulae for the calculation of the area of A series type of paper are 1/2*2 square meter.



Listed below is a table which lists all the theoretical values of areas for the A series paper sizes. It lists theoretical values of areas for the series of sizes starting from A0-A10.

SizeTheoretical Area (sq m)Actual Area (sq m)Difference (sq m)Difference (%)

Formal Definition (A Series)

The actual definition of the A Series paper sizes according to the ISO 216 standards is as follows:

  • The ratio of length divided by width equals to 1.414.
  • The display the approx standard length and width of each size of paper in the nearest of a millimeter.
  • The approx size A0 is to have an area of 1 square meter.
  • We define each size A(n) as A(n-1) which is cut in half, parallel to the other shorter sides.

The A series paper sizes have now become an integral part of the international usage of papers. People use the A series of paper thoroughly in almost all parts of the world. However, the US, Canada and some other parts of Mexico tend to stay away from it. The A4 size has become a standard business letter size in all those countries that speak the English language like New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Do let us know in case you want to learn more about other paper series sizes or area dimensions. We would gladly help you out.

A Series Paper Size Tolerances 

ISO 216 designates avoidance for the brand of A order paper sizes in this manner 

±1.5 mm(0.06 in) for boundaries until 150 mm(5.9 in) 

± 2 mm(0.08 in) for boundaries to the range 150 to 600 mm(5.9 to23.6 in) 

± 3 mm(0.12 in) for some measure of boundaries above 600 mm(23.6 in) 

A Series Paper Sizes Defined in

The following conditions describe the A series paper sizes in ISO 216.

The length divided by the range is 1.4142.

4A01682000 x 2378000 μm1682 x 2378 mm168.2 x 237.8 cm1.682 x 2.378 m
2A01189000 x 1682000 μm1189 x 1682 mm118.9 x 168.2 cm1.189 x 1.682 m
A0841000 x 1189000 μm841 x 1189 mm84.1 x 118.9 cm0.841 x 1.189 m
A1594000 x 841000 μm594 x 841 mm59.4 x 84.1 cm0.594 x 0.841 m
A2420000 x 594000 μm420 x 594 mm42.0 x 59.4 cm0.420 x 0.594 m
A3420000 x 594000 μm420 x 594 mm42.0 x 59.4 cm0.420 x 0.594 m
A4210000 x 297000 μm210 x 297 mm21.0 x 29.7 cm0.210 x 0.297 m
A5148000 x 210000 μm148 x 210 mm14.8 x 21.0 cm0.148 x 0.210 m
A6105000 x 148000 μm105 x 148 mm10.5 x 14.8 cm0.105 x 0.148 m
A774000 x 105000 μm74 x 105 mm7.4 x 10.5 cm0.074 x 0.105 m
A852000 x 74000 μm52 x 74 mm5.2 x 7.4 cm0.052 x 0.074 m
A937000 x 52000 μm37 x 52 mm3.7 x 5.2 cm0.037 x 0.052 m
A1026000 x 37000 μm26 x 37 mm
2.6 x 3.7 cm0.026 x 0.037 m

A Paper Sizes In Yards, bases, elevation, and Thou 

This table gives range x height for A series paper sizes in Imperial and US Customary units thou, elevation, bases, and yards in portrayal exposure. 

4A066220 x 93622 th66.220 x 93.622 in5.518 x 7.802 ft1.839 x 2.601 yd
2A046811 x 66220 th46.811 x 66.220 in3.901 x 5.518 ft1.300 x 1.839 yd
A033110 x 46811 th33.110 x 46.811 in2.759 x 3.901 ft0.920 x 1.300 yd
A123388 x 33110 th23.388 x 33.110 in1.949 x 2.759 ft0.650 x 0.920 yd
A216535 x 23388 th16.535 x 23.388 in1.378 x 1.949 ft0.459 x 0.650 yd
A311693 x 16535 th11.693 x 16.535 in0.974 x 1.378 ft0.325 x 0.459 yd
A48268 x 11693 th8.268 x 11.693 in0.689 x 0.974 ft0.230 x 0.325 yd
A55827 x 8268 th5.827 x 8.268 in0.486 x 0.689 ft0.162 x 0.230 yd
A64134 x 5827 th4.134 x 5.827 in0.344 x 0.486 ft0.115 x 0.162 yd
A72913 x 4134 th2.913 x 4.134 in0.243 x 0.344 ft0.081 x 0.115 yd
A82047 x 2913 th2.047 x 2.913 in0.171 x 0.243 ft0.057 x 0.081 yd
A91457 x 2047 th1.457 x 2.047 in0.121 x 0.171 ft0.040 x 0.057 yd
1024 x 1457 th1.024 x 1.457 in0.085 x 0.121 ft0.028 x 0.040 yd

Table showing A Paper Sizes In Points, Pica, and HPGL Units

4A0397.3 x 561.74768 x 674167280 x 95120
2A0280.9 x 397.33370 x 476847560 x 67280
A0198.7 x 280.92384 x 337033640 x 47560
A1140.3 x 198.71684 x 238423760 x 33640
A299.2 x 140.31191 x 168416800 x 23760
A370.2 x 99.2842 x 119111880 x 16800
A449.6 x 70.2595 x 8428400 x 11880
A535.0 x 49.6420 x 5955920 x 8400
A624.8 x 35.0298 x 420
4200 x 5920
A717.5 x 24.8210 x 2982960 x 4200
A812.3 x 17.5147 x 2102080 x 2960
A98.7 x 12.3105 x 1471480 x 2080
6.1 x 8.774 x 1051040 x 1480

A Paper Sizes in Pixels – Low Resolutions for particularized determination from 72 to 300 PPI (breadth × altitude). 

Size72 PPI96 PPI150 PPI300 PPI
4A04768 x 67416357 x 89889933 x 1404319866 x 28087
2A03370 x 47684494 x 63577022 x 993314043 x 19866
A02384 x 33703179 x 44944967 x 70229933 x 14043
A11684 x 23842245 x 31793508 x 49677016 x 9933
A21191 x 16841587 x 22452480 x 35084960 x 7016
A3842 x 11911123 x 15871754 x 24803508 x 4960
A4595 x 842794 x 11231240 x 17542480 x 3508
A5420 x 595559 x 794874 x 12401748 x 2480
A6298 x 420397 x 559620 x 8741240 x 1748
A7210 x 298280 x 397437 x 620874 x 1240
A8147 x 210197 x 280307 x 437614 x 874
A9105 x 147140 x 197219 x 307437 x 614
A1074 x 10598 x 140154 x 219307 x 437

A Paper Sizes in Pixels – Medium Resolutions for particularized determinations from 600 to 1200 PPI (breadth × altitude).

Size600 PPI720 PPI1200 PPI
4A039732 x 5617347679 x 6740879464 x 112346
2A028087 x 3973233704 x 4767956173 x 79464
A29933 x 1404311906 x 1683819842 x 28066
A37016 x 99338419 x 1190614032 x 19842
A44960 x 70165953 x 84199921 x 14032
A53508 x 49604195 x 59536992 x 9921
A62480 x 35082976 x 41954961 x 6992
A71748 x 24802098 x 29763496 x 4961
A81228 x 17481474 x 20982456 x 3496
A9874 x 12281049 x 14741748 x 2456
A10614 x 874737 x 10491229 x 1748

A Paper Sizes in Pixels – High Resolutions for particularized determinations from 1440 PPI to 2880 PPI (breadth × altitude).

Size1440 PPI2400 PPI2880 PPI
4A095357 x 134816158928 x 224693190715 x 269631
2A067408 x 95357112346 x 158928134816 x 190715
A047679 x 6740879464 x 11234695357 x 134816
A133676 x 4767956131 x 7946467351 x 95357
A223811 x 3367639684 x 5613147622 x 67351
A316838 x 238128063 x 3968433676 x 47622
A411906 x 1683819843 x 2806323811 x 33676
A58391 x 1190613985 x 1984316781 x 23811
A65953 x 83919922 x 1398511906 x 16781
A74195 x 59536991 x 99228391 x 11906
A82948 x 41954913 x 69915896 x 8391
A92098 x 29483508 x 49134195 x 5896
A101474 x 20982480 x 35082948 x 4195

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How to calculate paper sizes?

A Series Paper Sizes Formal Definition: The ISO 216 description of the A paper sizes are established the following footing: The time detached apiece breadth is 1.4142. Each after intensity A(n) is delineated as A(n-1) divided into two close allure smaller parts. The A0 length has an area of 1 square meter.

What are the 3 sizes of paper?

There are three ranges of paper sizes, fasten A, B, and C. The A order is the most established for joint publication and writing materials letterhead. The most ordinary of these page sizes is the worldwide material upon which one writes height A4, which measures 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in, or 210 x 297 mm.

What is the best diameter of paper in the A Series?

A0 magnitude: A universal paper amount used in English talking nations about the globe is A4, which is 210mm × 297mm (8.27 inches × 11.7 inches). It has a field of 1m2, and the ranges are 841mm × 1189mm. The best sheet from the A order is the A0 proportion of paper.

Why it is A4 paper?

It is because A4 is half an A3 or an individual quarter of A2, but it’s one-sixteenth of A0. A0 has a field of individual square music (but it isn’t a square), and sporadic paper breadth in the A order is established A0.

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