history of paper

The History Of Paper | Different Types Of Paper

This article is about the History of Paper. Many public believe that paper has advanced over the age from material for writing, accompanying two together vellum and material for writing…

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Whiteness & Brightness

Paper Shade, Whiteness & Brightness

This article is about Paper Shade, Whiteness & Brightness . Professional printers and designers learn the ideas of paper paleness and shine; nevertheless, for many, these conditions are manufacturing clique…

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a series of paper sizes

Dimensions Of A Series Of Paper Sizes

A series of paper sizes contains a definition of the paper sizes. It is a system for specifying a sheet of paper’s measurements. The following tables provide the A Series…

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portrait vs landscape

Portrait Paper and Landscape Paper: Portrait vs Landscape

Portrait & Landscape Paper | Portrait vs Landscape If we talk about portraits or landscapes, these are merely viewing angles. Whether the paper is considered portrait or landscape depends on the…

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