When referring to paper sizes, tabloid paper is arguably the most common. People do not commonly use it to print official documents or school reports, but the A3 paper size is essential, particularly for marketing workers. So, how big is a tabloid piece of paper, and what is tabloid-size paper? Let us know all about it. 

tabloid size paper

The width of tabloid paper is 17 inches, and the length is 11 inches. When you turn it 90 degrees, it transforms into ledger paper. Various purposes make use of tabloid paper, including the production of brochures and flyers. Read on to learn more about what is tabloid size paper.

Tabloid paper is crucial for printing newspapers, periodicals, posters, and brochures. This article will review the most typical applications for a tabloid paper and how they vary from other paper sizes.

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Size of North American Tabloid Paper

There are two standard sizes of tabloid paper: North American and International.

North American Tabloid Paper Size

The tabloid paper size in North America is 11 × 17 inches (279 x 432 mm).


This is the “ledger” or “tabloid” size in the United States and Canada. The tabloid paper format is appropriate for producing newspapers, magazines, posters, and brochures in North America.

International Tabloid Paper Size

International tabloid paper is 11.69 × 16.54 inches (297 x 420 mm) in dimensions. Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa use this size for printing.

A3 size

People refer to the worldwide tabloid paper size as “A3,” which is slightly larger than the dimension of a North American tabloid paper. International tabloid paper is perfect for printing newspapers, magazines, posters, and pamphlets. In the next section, we will discuss the dimensions of tabloid paper.

Measurements of Tabloid Paper

Knowing the tabloid paper size in inches is critical for ensuring your prints turn out appropriately. The size of tabloid paper varies according to the standard size.

Dimensions of North American Tabloid Paper

The tabloid paper size in North America is 11 × 17 inches (279 x 432 mm).

north american tabloid paper size

The paper’s long edge is 17 inches long, while the short edge is 11 inches long. The North American tabloid paper size finds frequent usage in both the United States and Canada.

International tabloid paper dimensions

International tabloid paper is 11.69 × 16.54 inches (297 x 420 mm) in size.

international tabloid paper

The paper’s long edge is 16.54 inches, while the short edge measures 11.69 inches. International tabloid paper is larger than North America and popular in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Common Uses of Tabloid Paper

Tabloid paper is a flexible printing material used in a variety of industries. The following are some of the most typical applications for tabloid paper:

Newspaper Production

Tabloid paper is extensively used to print the tabloid print size newspapers in the newspaper industry.

newspaper production

The paper’s tiny size makes it simple to handle and transport, making it an excellent choice for daily publications.

Printing Magazines

In the magazine business, publishers employ tabloid papers to produce tabloid publications.printing magazines

The paper is perfect for glossy publications because of the greater picture and word size.

Brochure Printing

The brochure business utilizes tabloid paper for producing brochures. The paper’s size allows for a centerfold, providing a more comprehensive and informative brochure.brochure printing

So, it must be clear what tabloid-size paper is. In the next section, we will compare the dimensions of tabloid paper with various paper sizes.

Tabloid Paper Size Compared to Other Paper Sizes

Understanding tabloid paper dimensions is critical, but so is understanding how it relates to other paper sizes. Here are some examples of tabloid vs. various print sizes:

Comparison with Letter Size Paper

Letter-size paper, measuring 8.5 × 11 inches (216 x 279 mm), is the typical choice for printing papers in the United States. People utilize letter-size paper for various purposes due to its smaller size than tabloid paper.

letter vs tabloid

The tabloid paper provides the best results for printing newspapers, periodicals, and brochures. However, people commonly use letter-size paper to print documents such as letters, resumes, and reports.

Comparison with Legal Size Paper

People widely use legal size paper, which measures 8.5 x 14 inches (216 x 356 mm), in the United States.

legal vs tabloid

Legal-size paper is longer than tabloid paper but thinner. Printing legal papers, contracts, and agreements on legal size paper is common.

Comparison with A4 Size Paper

Europe, Asia, and Australia extensively use A4 paper, which measures 8.27 × 11.69 inches (210 x 297 mm). People use A4 paper for various reasons, as it is smaller than tabloid paper.

a4 vs tabloid

People frequently print letters, resumes, and reports on A4 paper.

So, this is all in what tabloid size paper is article.

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What is the purpose of the tabloid paper?

Tabloid paper is 11 x 17 inches and is commonly used for brochures, flyers, newsletters, and other folded or oversized papers.

Is it a tabloid newspaper?

A tabloid is a type of newspaper smaller than a daily newspaper and concentrates on dramatic news stories. If you're lucky, you could glimpse some hot tabloid headlines as you go by the local newsstand.

Is a tabloid a reliable source?

A newspaper article is, in most cases, a primary source. This, however, is only true for newspaper pieces utilized for historical study. This is because newspaper stories written on a specific event shortly after it occurs might be considered primary sources.

Is a tabloid considered an article?

A tabloid newspaper is one with small pages, brief content, and a lot of images. Tabloids are frequently thought to be less serious than other publications.

Is there a negative connotation to the term tabloid?

The term tabloid has a negative connotation since it has been linked with low-quality material and unscrupulous reporting tactics.

Is a tabloid a huge deal?

A tabloid is a loose paper size seen in North America. It measures 279 x 432 mm or 11 x 17 inches and is typically used to create tabloids or smaller-sized publications. It is the same size as Ledger. However, it is oriented vertically (portrait). It is sometimes referred to as ANSI B.

Why are tabloids so popular?

Tabloids are a type of popular journalism that focuses on pop culture, crime, and society in a sensational fashion that piques the reader's interest. Because these inventive stories delight readers who appreciate the juicy gossip of celebrity lifestyles, tabloid articles frequently include inaccurate or exaggerated material.

In India, what is the tabloid size?

Tabloid newspapers in India typically range from 11.5 x 15 inches (292 x 381 mm) to 14.5 x 20 inches (368 x 508 mm). Some tabloid newspapers in India feature page sizes of 11 x 17 inches (279 x 432 mm), which is close to the tabloid format used in the United States.

How many pages does a tabloid have?

A tabloid must have an even number of divisible pages by four. We can print as little as a four-page tabloid and as much as a 48-page tabloid.

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Finally, knowing the dimensions of tabloid paper is crucial for printing newspapers, periodicals, posters, and brochures. The standard sizes of tabloid paper are North American and International, and knowing the dimensions of each is critical. It’s also important to understand how tabloid paper relates to other paper sizes, including letter size, legal size, and A4 size paper. Using the correct paper size for varied reasons may make a considerable difference in the output of your prints, so make sure you select the correct size for your individual printing needs. We hope you liked this article on what is tabloid size paper dimensions

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